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“I’ve worked in the ITV Studios HR team for a few years and I’ve supported different client groups, including Global Entertainment and the various labels across ITV Studios. I’ve met some great people along the way and still can’t really believe I was given the opportunity to work for ITV Studios Australia for seven months.

“In late 2015, David Mott was appointed as Managing Director, and Augustus Dulgaro as Chief Operating Officer of ITV Studios Australia. A lot was happening around the business, but the team didn’t have any HR support. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. With my background knowledge of production as well as Global Entertainment, I was given the opportunity to fly out to Sydney to support the team.

“I spent my time there being the studio’s HR business partner, supporting the senior management  team on the production side of the business as well as supporting our Asia Pacific Global Entertainment teams. As I have a sound understanding of production and have worked with the Global Entertainment teams in Hong Kong and Australia for a number of years, it was a great opportunity for me to use my knowledge. I was finally able to put faces to names! 

“It was eye-opening working in a “satellite” office, helping to set up an HR function. The size of the business meant this was a unique role, covering not only HR, but also Resourcing & Development as well as as new operational projects, such as establishing an International Ambassadors network. Within a satellite office it’s common for colleagues to have cross-functional roles.

“I developed a newfound appreciation for what it’s like working in a different timezone. It meant I had a completely different work routine. A challenge I faced was needing to rely a lot more on email communication - I needed to be in constant contact with the UK but I couldn’t just pick up the phone or arrange a face-to-face meeting.

“The best bit about the job was getting to know the Australia team and supporting them. I was able to use my knowledge to help make things easier. I was made to feel incredibly welcome straight away, and like a member of the family. I enjoyed seeing first hand the impact my ideas had  - and I hope I was helpful to the team and the business while I was there.

“Working as part of ITV Studios Australia was an incredible experience. I still can’t believe how it happened.”