Working here

itv loves doing things the 'itv way'

Here at itv, work is much more than just work. It’s an experience. It’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your career. And it’s all thanks to the kind of people we are and, just as importantly, the way we do things.

Our three C’s and a G are at the heart of everything we do - creative collaborative commercial and global. It’s the ITV way and drives how we work, and the behaviours we all show, day in, day out, wherever we are and whatever we’re doing.  They’re how we approach problems. And they’re how we deliver solutions. And when we focus on living and breathing them – as we all do – they’re what make us one of the most diverse and inclusive businesses. 

Here’s what those ‘three Cs and a G’ mean, and how our colleagues, managers and leaders put them into practice:

…being bold and brave

Our colleagues:

  • Spot and make improvements everyday.
  • Recognise all creative efforts around us.
  • Build on each others’ ideas.
  • Tune in to the world to find new and brilliant opportunities.
  • Adapt and change to what’s around us.
  • Reflect on and review our work and identify ways to improve

…being curious and kind

Our managers:

  • Think differently, and encourage our teams to do the same.
  • Notice opportunities to challenge or change how we work.
  • Reflect on and review our work for ways to improve.
  • Welcome ideas, and support their implementation.
  • Listen and look for potential in those around us.

…inspiring and experimenting

Our leaders:

  • Support experiments, even if they don’t always work.
  • Build teams that are diverse.
  • Recognise and celebrate creativity across the business.
  • Inspire others to challenge, take risks and be curious.
  • Give clear and compelling direction.

…being cooperative and considerate

Our colleagues:

  • Meet people, find out what they do and why they do it.
  • Respect other people’s roles, responsibilities, priorities and timeframes.
  • Seek input from wide range of people and perspectives.
  • Avoid duplication by always considering what’s gone before.
  • Learn from those around us.

…networking and praising

Our managers:

  • Find shared goals within and across teams.
  • Connect the right people at the right level for every project.
  • Build inclusive teams.
  • Manage team dynamics to ensure everyone has a voice and feels heard.
  • Recognise and reward when you see collaboration at its best.

…being open and involved

Our leaders:

  • Share our time with a wide range of teams and people.
  • Break silos and remove blocks to collaborative working.
  • Publicly celebrate work across teams and departments.
  • Structure our business areas to encourage and support collaboration.

…gaining perspective and purpose

Our colleagues:

  • Get a clear view of how ITV works and makes money.
  • Understand how our performance connects to the strategy and its success.
  • Balance our personal goals and agendas with ITV’s goals.
  • Think about the commercial impact of every decision.

…clarifying and connecting

Our managers:

  • Help people understand the context behind big business decisions.
  • Communicate regularly and openly about ITVs performance and our team’s role in it.
  • Celebrate commercial successes with our team.
  • Keep close to the commercials for your team and the wider business.

…making decisions and creating dialogue

Our leaders:

  • Balance risk and opportunity to make the right decisions for ITV’s future.
  • Constantly adapt to an ever-changing environment.
  • Be human about the numbers, sharing them in a way people understand.
  • Prioritise transparent, timely communication so everyone feels connected.

…making an impact and showing interest

Our colleagues:

  • Understand the importance of thinking globally.
  • Learn more about people, cultures and trends that are not our own.
  • Consider the impact of our work on beyond just our own area of the business.
  • Think about future possibilities in our work.

…building and broadening

Our managers:

  • Build diverse teams and encourage a range of inputs.
  • Connect people so they can work in a more global and future oriented way.
  • Help our people think outside of their area, department or country.
  • Support future focussed projects and activities.
  • Share stories, examples and experiences of global thinking.

…being current and consistent

Our leaders:

  • Spot future trends and growth opportunities and seek to make the most of them.
  • Define strategies and plans that have a global focus.
  • Reinforce the global mind-set in the language we use and messages we share.
  • Find opportunities to expose people to the global reach of ITV.