Diversity & Inclusion

Ensuring our workforce reflects the diversity of modern society is a key commitment for us, so here at ITV, equality in the workplace is just a part of what we do... "ITV, where creativity, diversity and collaboration put us right at the heart of popular culture."

That’s why, whatever your age, gender, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, ethnicity or family circumstances, we make it our business to make sure you’re treated with fairness and respect. 

As members of the Creative Diversity Network (CDN) we have made a public commitment to improve representation of society on screen, and to become more diverse and inclusive behind the scenes too. Our work under ITV’s Social Partnership underpins our commitment across programme making and production for better representation. At the end of the day we want our workforce to represent the audience it serves. It’s a pretty big goal, but one that we get closer to all the time. 

For more on our commitments, how we’re working to make ITV more diverse and other information about ITV Responsibility, visit our Responsibility site or follow us on Twitter.

ITV is proud to be members of:

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Disability Confident (previously Two Ticks)

Having previously held Two Ticks accreditation, ITV has successfully transitioned to Disability Confident Employer status in recognition for our continued commitment to good practice in employing people with disabilities


During our application process, we’ll ask you whether you believe you have a disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010. Of course, you don’t have to answer this question - the only reason we ask is because we want to give you the opportunity to really shine during your application and enjoy a great overall candidate experience. And although we will monitor your response, it’s only to ensure that we’re being fair.

So please let us know if you require any reasonable adjustments or have any accessibility needs and where possible we will endeavour to meet your individual needs. You can email us direct at talkingcareers@itv.com with your contact details and we’ll get back in touch. All requests will be dealt with in confidence.