Corporate & Business Support




Our legal team work right across the business. After all, as a listed and highly regulated producer and broadcaster, we have a lot of obligations to meet. So as well as working within the production, broadcasting, commercial and online businesses, we have a central group legal function. It means there are a huge variety of legal roles to be had, all working to deliver high profile, creative projects and initiatives. These could be anything from the making of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here to multi-jurisdictional mergers and acquisitions, from cutting edge web projects to channel launches.

The offices are busy, bustling, and no two days are the same – although each one features tight deadlines and multiple competing demands. Our team members thrive in a constantly changing environment, bringing all their creativity, innovative flair and legal expertise to bear to help us achieve our goals.

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At ITV there’s no such thing as a typical finance job. What we do have is a wide range of roles that touch every element of our business, from Product Placement to Pensions, from Take Me Out to Tax, and from working with Corrie to dealing with the City. Our teams operate across the country, in a number of locations, fulfilling all sorts of different roles. Many staff work solely on specific programmes, while others fulfil more regular finance roles like Treasury and technical accounting.

One thing we do all have in common though, is that the work of every single team – from programme idea to on-screen transmission – is valued as crucial to the success of the company. That’s why we need people who can look beyond the numbers, and who can work alongside the rest of the business, to make sure the right decisions are taken every step of the way.

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HR plays a vital role at ITV - it’s our job to work closely with the business to understand their needs to make sure we have the very best people in place. Our objective is to ensure we create the right environment to nurture our talent, helping us to achieve our goals.

Every role plays a vital part in ensuring we keep our colleagues engaged and committed, rewarded and recognised for their hard work, and equipped with the right skills to produce the very best work they can, making ITV a great place to work.

It’s an exciting time to join ITV and we’re looking for people who want to play a key part in our Transformation journey, who are committed and passionate about what they do and thrive in an environment where two days are never the same!

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Communications & PR

Communicating information as varied as financial reporting and the trials and tribulations of contestants on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! to the press, our communications team handles all external PR – both proactive and reactive – right across ITV.

They’re split into two teams: corporate and programme. As you would expect, the programme team promote all key programmes. So they work across entertainment and drama, factual and daytime, news and sport. It’s exciting, challenging stuff. And in that sense, working on the corporate side of things is much the same. But instead of promoting our shows, their focus is on publicising the three main areas of our business – Broadcast, Commercial & Online and ITV Studios – and delivering the PR strategy that supports our five-year Transformation Plan.

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Strategy & Transformation

Helping the Leadership Team plan and realise ITV’s 5 year Transformation Plan, the Strategy Team is at the heart of our changing business. We work with all parts of ITV to solve problems and drive progress, from international studios and TV commissioning to advertising sales and online innovation. And whether we’re analysing industry trends to inform the next decade or providing precise answers needed by tomorrow, we’re there to help ensure that the business takes informed, evidence-based decisions.

Our team is made up of people who are up for the challenge of planning both huge change and small projects quickly and decisively. They come from a range of backgrounds, and, along with a passion for ITV, each one of them has an analytical eye and a keen competitive edge.

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