A day in the life of...Commercial Sales Assistant

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So before we start, what’s your favourite ITV show?

There are a couple of shows that I would class as my favourites, the recently ended Marcella would be one at the top, along with BGT. 

What did you do before joining the ITV family?

Before working at ITV I had just finished my A-Levels at sixth form, whilst also working part time at Waitrose.

What do you love about working at ITV? I like working at ITV for many reasons: because of the many opportunities that are available to me, such as tickets to shows; because of the diversity in the workplace, where everyone is accepting and welcoming; because it feels like a privilege to work for and to contribute to such a huge world-known company that is a household name, and to be able to see the “behind the scenes” of how ITV works, with all of the different departments working in unity.

As an assistant I play an important role within our group structure. It is vital I am aware of my portfolio of brands to assure I am able to work towards meeting their deals. Part of my role involves checking an advertisers schedule of programmes, making necessary amendments and being aware of any special requests or requirements they need. I focus on off peak airtime, moving around a buyers schedule of airtime to suit their needs and meet deal criteria. I have now gained the necessary confidence and experience and am also responsible for helping with peak airtime too. Communication is a key part of my role and helps with building good relationships externally with the media buyers and internally with my colleagues.

Whilst I report into an exec and group head, I am also given the freedom to grow and be independent and to go over and above my role where I can. Working for ITV means working in partnership with huge brands on a daily basis, something which I love.

What do you love about being a Commercial Sales Assistant?

I enjoy being able to talk to agencies and creating good relationships with them, which has developed my social skills in a working environment. I also really enjoy being independent in my role and being aware of all of the tasks I need to do for the day and getting them done quickly and efficiently, as it is always satisfying when at the end of the day I look back at a long list of jobs which have all been ticked off.

ITV also offers a number of different opportunities to everyone of all levels. Only last week we had the ITV BIG Think event, we also have lunch and learns and the ITV Big day out to name but a few. There are so many opportunities to develop and grow with the company and learn about different areas of the business.