Global Entertainment

Global Entertainment (GE) is the distribution arm of ITV and is responsible for selling ITV content (tapes and formats) to broadcasters across the world. These sales generate secondary revenue for programmes that are commissioned and broadcast originally in the UK. The GE Acquisitions team also acquires content from other producers, and sometimes invests in productions before they’re made if they think they’ll sell well.

Global Entertainment (GE) work closely with ITV Studios UK and International development teams to provide input into what sells well in the global market so our productions teams are creating content that will generate the most revenue for ITV. Working closely with partners – networks, channels, platforms, distributors, retailers and producers – we’ve made a catalogue of amazing TV that’s loved around the world. A lot of great content has been made at ITV Studios and our valued production partners have made so much more. GE is a major publisher of DVDs in the UK and through our international partners, make our great content available to audiences to own.

Global Entertainment (GE) also provides digital services through established relationships with our digital friends like iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Our Kids team represents some of today’s best-loved brands and builds partnerships with licensees, retailers and agents to bring licensed products to consumers wherever they are.

We have offices in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Sydney, you can find out more about Global Entertainment here