Governance, Information & Legal

Our Governance, Information and Legal teams work right across the business and as a listed and highly regulated producer and broadcaster, we have a lot of obligations to meet. So as well as working within the production, broadcasting, commercial and online businesses, we have a central group Legal function and a compliance team. This means there are a huge variety of legal roles, all working to deliver high-profile, creative projects and initiatives. These could be anything from the making of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! to multi-jurisdictional mergers and acquisitions, cutting-edge web projects and channel launches. Under our GIL umbrella sits a host of teams including the more traditional Legal functions, Corporate Responsibility, Health & Safety, ITV Archive Rights Management and Information Policy and Reporting.

Our offices are busy, bustling, and no two days are the same – although each one has tight deadlines and multiple competing demands. Our team thrives in a constantly changing environment, bringing all their creativity, innovative flair and legal expertise to help us achieve our goals.

Central Legal

Our Central Legal teams are aligned to a specific part of our business, whether this is Studios, Broadcast, Online Pay and Interactive or Global Entertainment, they partner with their business area to provide legal services and advice across the ITV group including corporate/mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, operations and resources, group technology, broadcasting licensing, news and regions, digital channels, litigation, procurement and general commercial.


The Compliance team is the principal point of contact for compliance issues from commission through to delivery and making sure producers understand their compliance obligations. The team is also responsible for the preparation of responses to all Ofcom programme compliance investigations and monitoring exercises.

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Corporate Responsibility

Our Corporate Responsibility strategy, which is aligned to our four key priorities, aims to help grow our business by strengthening stakeholder pride and loyalty, as well as mitigating the risks to the business. The priorities are determined through a combination of listening to stakeholder feedback, using our company management risk framework to identify and manage reputational risk and seeking opportunity to leverage our audience reach to benefit our communities.

Content Management 

The Content Management team manage data about content, namely descriptive data, rights data, licences and transactions, technical data and reporting. Physical and digital collections are managed within this department, for example film and tape, stills, documents and contracts. They also define ITV policies for managing its Archive collections, collecting and enriching our metadata, managing rights data, fulfilling its reporting obligations, and information security.

Content Management is made up of ITV Archive, Rights Management and Information Policy and Reporting. 

Health & Safety

As the production company that produces the daring trials on I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and Ant vs Dec challenges requires a team that can make things happen. Along with a day-to-day service, the Health & Safety team provides colleagues with the skills and resources to effectively manage the risks associated with their activities. They’re involved in a range of activities from workstation assessments and inspections of all ITV (UK) hub sites to advising productions in the planning stages and visiting locations where additional health and safety support is required. The team is also involved with everything from workplace set-up to enabling daredevil stunts and everything in between so the job’s about as diverse as it could be!


The Insurance team is a small team that provides guidance in regards to risk management, insurance and business continuity. They manage all insurance policy contracts and insurance/broker service level agreements, as well as advising the business on decisions related to risk, particularly where insurance isn’t a viable alternative. In addition, they manage all major claims and lead the business in claims settlements with insurers.

Group Secretariat

The Group Secretariat team provides a varied range of support from Corporate Governance and Corporate Compliance to Board Support, Intellectual Property and Shareholder services. This includes anything from advice to the board in terms of the UK Corporate Governance Code and Institutional Guidelines, support with preparation for board and committee meetings, managing conflicts of interest, providing advice in regards to whistleblowing, policy and guidance around data protection, and managing relationships with the Registrar in terms of Shareholders. This team also provides advice on the employee SAYE Share Scheme, whilst managing the relationship with third party providers.

Policy and Regulatory Affairs

The Policy and Regulatory Affairs team are responsible for developing and delivering the policy and regulatory strategy approved by ITV plc board.   They are responsible for ITV's interaction with UK and EU regulators as well as with the UK government and EU institutions.

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