Continuing Drama - Soaps

We do it often

With six episodes of Coronation Street and  Emmerdale a week, we make over 572 bespoke 30 minute TV programmes a year. That’s 286 hours of drama a year. If you were to watch a year’s worth back to back it would take you 12 days and 12 nights.

We do it big

When we do a stunt like the flood in the Woolpack or the Coronation Street mini-bus crash or burning down the Rovers or the helicopter crash into the Emmerdale Village Hall, we produce full-on feature film-quality drama. And that means pulling out all the stops. An army of supremely talented people from writers to story liners to directors to cast and crew assemble in a field or on our outside lot and throw their all at whatever it is we’re magically creating. It’s awesome to behold and even more awesome to be part of. And sometimes, as with the tram crash on Coronation Street, we do it all live!

We do it right

In the last year, Coronation Street won 15 awards including the BAFTA for Best Soap. Earlier this year, Emmerdale won the Broadcast Award for Best Soap. And at the 2014 Soap Awards, Coronation Street and Emmerdale combined took home a record 10 of the 16 awards. That’s because every single person on the team takes huge pride in the work they do.

We’ve been doing it for ages

Corrie is 53 years old and Emmerdale is 43. And yet the people who work on the two shows are all young at heart. That’s because the jobs we do are all exciting, demanding, challenging and above all… fun. Everyone who works on the soaps has a spring in their step as they know that what they do produces something that will be enjoyed and talked about by millions of viewers each and every day.

So that’s us. We’re a factory but a factory full of craftsmen and women. Experts in our individual fields and all part of a dedicated soap-making machine. If all that appeals to you and you want to be part of one of the liveliest, most energetic teams in the world of TV, then come and talk to us.