Love Daytime. What's it all about?

Love Daytime featured image.jpg

Daytime’s current campaign, Love Daytime, sees the stars of ITV Daytime take to the skies in a hot air balloon. Our talent from Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Lorraine, Loose Women, The Jeremy Kyle Show, Tipping Point, The Chase and Judge Rinder got together to film the promo - something that’s never been done before.

“When Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall came to This Morning in September, all our household names from the live shows came together,” says Emma Gormley, Managing Director of ITV Studios Daytime. “This is what inspired us to create the Love Daytime campaign. We came up with the hot air balloon idea, where all the talent hop on-board in a heart shaped balloon. It’s on air ‘til Valentine’s day - which is theming behind the campaign.”

Getting together 20 of our daytime talent on the same day sounds like quite an achievement. “It was a very busy day!” Emma says. “We shot it all on one day, with the exception of Rob Rinder, who came later that week. We shaped the storyboard around this, so in the promo, Rob turns up late and misses the balloon. For Phil and Holly, we only had 30 minutes to film and get press shots before they went on air. We used body doubles with wigs and coats on for some of the promo. It was a massive achievement for the team, as it was all produced in-house.” says Emma.

Across the daytime schedule, our four live shows have seen a surge in viewers over recent months. Did you know ITV Studios Daytime creates over 6.5 hours of live telly every day? That’s around 1700 hours or 1000 episodes a year of live telly. With shows on air from 6am - 6pm, it’s important to keep content fresh and appealing to our viewers. “For a new mum at home with a small baby, sometimes it’s your only company in the day,” Helen Warner, Director of Daytime says. “We understand how important our shows are to our viewers - both of us are mothers, we’ve been the viewer. You’re inviting these people into your home everyday. You have to like them. If you don’t, you turn off,” says Helen. “You want shows that can keep fresh over a long period of time.”

“It’s about making sure the show’s constantly evolving,” adds Emma. “It’s more challenging now with social media. People have seen the news on their phones, sometimes before they’ve got out of bed. We’ve got to be really ahead of the game and keep on surprising our viewers.”

With live telly, there’s always that added pressure of an overnight breaking news story. Throwing out the running order just before going on air is something both Emma and Helen are used to. “When the news broke about David Bowie’s death, it was at 6.50am. Good Morning Britain had been planned with guests, who were already in the green room, but the running order was thrown out and we went live to New York instead. You just roll with it.” Emma says.

“Those are the moments the presenters earn their stripes.” Helen says. “They just go with it, interviewing people with no notes. Nothing’s been prepared. It’s the most exciting bit.”

With 2015 being such a big year, having re-branded Loose Women, refreshed Lorraine and This Morning, and introduced Piers Morgan as a host on Good Morning Britain, it sounds like we’ve got lots more to look forward to this year. “We’ve got lots of exciting projects to look forward to in 2016 in Daytime. We’re determined to grow our ratings further and have some exciting commercial projects in the pipeline. There’s nothing better than working on a successful show that people are talking about and love.”