Workplace Services

Workplace Service carry out a wide range of roles that vary from region to region. Their goal is to allow our business colleagues to concentrate on their day jobs in the best space possible.

The Workplace Service team oversees the management of all ITV sites to make sure ITV is a great place to work. This includes everything from management of security, building maintenance, cleaning, mail/parcel deliveries, script printing, switchboard and the restaurant/catering provision to space management, office refurbishment and managing site/office moves. They also make sure our offices are as cutting-edge and environmentally friendly as they can be. One of their biggest projects was to oversee the move from Quay Street to Media City and the building of a whole new Coronation Street.

Day-to-day issues are managed through the Helpdesk, which operates a prioritisation system for reporting any issues that might hamper production or business operations or have safety implications. In other situations, the Helpdesk may be contacted for calls regarding meeting room bookings, lights out, temperature adjustments and spills.

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