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Our Social Purpose

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Shaping culture for good: our Social Purpose

Aside from transforming broadcasting, growing our studios, and expanding our direct to consumer services, there’s another big reason why we do what we do: our Social Purpose.

Social Purpose is all about using the power of ITV to shape culture for good.  Through our brilliant shows that millions love to watch, and our voices that resonate with viewers, we have a unique opportunity to use our creativity and scale to inspire  positive change, and nurture a responsible and inclusive working environment.

Not just across our business, but across the world.

Our Social Purpose team works closely with our programmes, people, teams, partners and promotional airtime, and looks after four priorities:

Encouraging Better Mental & Physical Health

Looking after our minds is just as important as looking after our bodies. At ITV we’re encouraging everyone to actively look after their mental health with our Britain Get Talking campaign putting the focus on mental wellbeing.  We also want to help people move more and eat better, making it as easy and fun as possible to reach better physical health.

We’re encouraging every one of us to eat better, move more and look after our mental health.

Our goal is to encourage 10 million people to take action to improve their mental or physical health by 2023.

Fostering Creativity by Embracing Diversity

We want ITV to be for everyone, no matter their background, race, disability, sexuality, gender identity or expression.

We have clear targets to improve Gender, Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, Disability and LGBT+ representation on and off screen by 2022, including achieving 15% BAME and 8% colleagues with a disability on and off-screen.

Reducing our Impact on the Environment

We want to create the biggest programmes with the smallest footprint and our ambitious targets reflect this.  

Our targets include:

  • Reducing emissions we control by 46.2% by 2030
  • Zero waste by 2030
  • 100% sustainable supply chain by 2030
  • 100% environmentally trained and certified by 2021

We will work together across the business to reach these targets. 

Giving Back to our Communities

We’re helping our colleagues and audiences give time, support and money to benefit others.

Our goal is to raise over £6m a year for Soccer Aid, increase staff volunteering, and lend our support to causes.

You can read more about our Social Purpose Strategy here.

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