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ITV Cheltenham racing coverage

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Our sport team is responsible for all of ITV’s in-house sport programming,

...and like the athletes we cover, we’re all focused on performing at our best as we deliver our More than TV strategy.

Our work includes all football, major events such as the Rugby World Cup and the French Open tennis championships, plus a number of other shows. And, we also produce the highly acclaimed Sports Life Stories series for ITV4 and a range of other sports documentaries.

The diverse sport team consists of Programme Editors who oversee content, editorial delivery, tone and approach of coverage. There are Studio Directors who take care of the look and feel of studio shows, and Outside Broadcast Directors who do the same for match and event coverage. Our Producers produce films and features about the leading sportsmen and sportswomen in our programmes, and have the unique skills it takes to create short highlight edits of major sporting events.

Next, we have Production Managers who deliver on our editorial and financial objectives. Media Management Producers who take care of media workflows, core servers, storage and archiving. And our archiving team itself, led by our Head of Archive Operations along with Sales Producers, Media Archivists, Media Coordinators, and Admin Assistants, is responsible for the ingest, logging and retrieval of all ITV sport material. We’re also an archive partner to several third party rights owners including the Football Association, the Football League, Wrestling, Boxing, Snooker and Darts, too.

And while our sport team is incredibly varied in terms of roles and opportunities, we make sure the ITV Way is at the heart of everything we do. It inspires us to get things done, make it together, make it new, and make it brilliant.

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