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We make, distribute and sell over 46,000 hours of high quality television around the globe.

In fact, we’re the world's fastest growing production and distribution business, with more than 55 labels across scripted and non-scripted TV located in 13 countries. We create over 8,400 hours of TV every year and we have over 46,000 hours in our catalogue.

But what we’re most proud of is that we’re home to some of the best creative talent on the planet.  We don’t just make TV - we make it together, we make it new, and we make it brilliant.

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ITV Studios UK

ITV Studios UK is a creator, producer and distributor of some of the UK's most popular television brands. 

Find out more about the full range of our business areas, the roles we offer as well as some tips on how we crew up and how to apply for our jobs.

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ITV Studios International

ITV Studios International is the fast-growing international production arm of ITV Studios. Our sights are set on producing and distributing the best global content, while maximising the value from our IP.

It's where we make it together, make it new, and make it brilliant in a big way, right across the world.

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ITV America

ITV America, part of ITV Studios, is one of the largest independent producers of unscripted content in the US, producing more than 100 programs, totaling over 800 hours of content, in partnership with more than 40 networks and platforms.

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