Governance, Information & Legal

ITV loves doing things by the book

Our Governance, Information and Legal teams have an impact right across the business. Good job too: we’re a listed and highly regulated producer and broadcaster. So, we have a lot of obligations to meet – not least when it comes to diversity and equality, and our ‘three Cs and a G’ make sure we always stick to the script.

We’re talking traditional Legal functions, Corporate Responsibility, Health & Safety, ITV Archive Rights Management and Information Policy, Reporting, and more.

All of which means there’s a huge variety of legal roles to get your teeth into. And they’re all focused on inspiring, experimenting and delivering creative projects and initiatives too – anything from the making of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! to multi-jurisdictional mergers and acquisitions, cutting-edge web projects and channel launches.

Our offices are busy and bustling, and no two days are the same – although tight deadlines, competing demands, and big challenges are the norm. The teams thrive in a constantly changing environment, where they gain perspective and purpose as they push their creativity, innovative flair and legal expertise to the limits to help us achieve our goals.

Here’s a quick breakdown…

Central Legal

Each of our Central Legal Teams work closely with a specific part of our business – which could be Studios, Broadcast, Online Pay and Interactive, Global Entertainment, or any other area. And the focus is on supporting each area with legal services and advice on anything from corporate/mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and operations and resources, through to broadcasting licensing, litigation, procurement and general commercial.


Our Compliance Team acts as the main point of contact for anything compliance related. They help make sure everyone in the business understands their obligations – and how to meet them, and take care of our responses to all Ofcom programme compliance investigations and monitoring exercises. Want to know what it takes to be Head of Compliance at ITV? We caught up with Mel Quirk, Head of Compliance Drama, and you can read what she says about the role here.

Content Management

Managing the content we produce at ITV is a tricky business. There’s lots of data to look after, including descriptive data, rights data, licences and transactions, technical data and reporting. Our teams – including ITV Archive, Rights Management and Information Policy and Reporting – look after all this in addition to managing physical and digital collections and archives of film and tape, stills, documents and contracts, and defining the policies that underpin them all.

Health & Safety

If you’ve seen the kind of activities and trials we feature on programmes like I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and the Ant vs Dec challenges, you’ll understand why our Health & Safety team is so important. Along with the usual day to day services like workstation assessments and inspections of all our hub sites, the team makes sure our production people are able to manage the risks that come with high profile stunts, which means the job is about as diverse as it gets.


Our Insurance team acts as a one stop shop when it comes to risk management, insurance and business continuity. If it’s anything to do with insurance policy contracts, broker agreements, risk decisions, major claims and settlements, the chances are this team will look after it. Group Secretariat Our Group Secretariat team look after everything from Corporate Governance and Corporate Compliance to Intellectual

Property and Shareholder services.

In plain English, that means they’re responsible for advising our board on the UK Corporate Governance Code and Institutional Guidelines, managing conflicts of interest, dealing with whistleblowing and data protection, and much more. Policy and Regulatory Affairs Our Policy and Regulatory Affairs develop and deliver our policy and regulatory strategy, and deal with UK and EU regulators, the UK government, and other EU institutions. And they’re also Legal Business Award winners – and you can find out more about what that means for the team here.