ITV loves staying one step ahead

Our Research team is the voice of our audience, and use insights and case studies to show our customers the true value of ITV advertising.

From conducting primary research studies to tackling business challenges, they take a cooperative and considerate approach to staying one step ahead of changing technology and viewer behaviour as they strive to safeguard our future.

The department is made up of five teams: Commissioning and Studios, Measurement, Planning, Commercial and Strategy, Performance and Online. Each team closely follows our ‘three Cs and a G’ way of working, and provides and interprets qualitative and quantitative research data, while collaborating on wider projects.

One of those projects recently won an award, too: for Excellence in Research Presentation for their project, Primal Screen. It was an in-depth study looking at the unique relationship between TV content and viewers, launched as if it was a TV show, and you can find out more about it here.

winner_Excellence_in_Research_Presentation (2).gif

Key positions include:

  • Audience Research Manager
  • Research Executives
  • Insight Managers
  • Research Assistants

Want to know what it’s really like to work in Audiences? We spoke to Paul Craigen (Head of Audiences) and Mark Fathalla (Audience Team Manager) to find out: