Workplace Services

ITV loves having our own space

A business like ours comes with more than just a huge variety of roles – it comes with a huge range of group companies, and an even bigger list of physical locations, too. 

And inside each and every one, you’ll find an incredibly diverse range of people from many different backgrounds – all playing an equal, cooperative and considerate role in putting our ‘three Cs and a G’ to work, and in driving our business forward.

So, the big challenge for our Workplace Services team is to look after all kinds of offices in all kinds of places across the globe. And more specifically, to help create the kind of brilliant spaces and amazing working environments that we all need to be able to deliver our best, every day.

 All day-to-day issues that could affect production or introduce safety implications are managed through our Helpdesk, and the team also looks after things like meeting room bookings, lights out, temperature adjustments and spills.

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