Need to know something? Got a burning question for us? We’re all ears – which is why we’ve put together this list of FAQs for you.

And if you still don’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to help: talkingcareers@itv.comAnd you can find out all about our recruitment process here.

For Candidates

Have a look at what’s available on our Job Search & Apply page. If you don’t see a role that fits your talents, you can register your details in our database, apply to one of our talent pools or set up an alert for any area that you are interested in.

If you need help or assistance when applying for a role at ITV, please get in touch with us at talkingcareers@itv.com and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Of course. We’re passionate about enabling all our colleagues and candidates to be the best that they can be. That’s why we’re fully committed to supporting, and working with you to ensure all reasonable adjustments are made, managed and monitored consistently.

In fact, we can consider a broad range of reasonable adjustments, including:

  • Physical adjustments - such as IT equipment, software, furniture etc.
  • Non-physical adjustments - these are all about how our you perform in your role, for example your working hours, working pattern and training. And how you perform in your assessments, such as group exercises or additional time for written work.

We also work with external 3rd party specialists who provide valuable advice and support when it comes to ensuring a consistent and fair approach.

If you want to have a chat with us about anything you may need during the resourcing process, you can email us direct at talkingcareers@itv.com with your contact details and we’ll get back in touch. All requests will be dealt with in confidence.

The general rule of thumb is to keep it simple, concise, easy to read and focused on selling your skills. But the challenge is to do all that while making it more appealing and attractive than the rest. So, avoid wacky layouts or fancy gimmicks – the most important thing is that it looks professional and clear. And, above all, it should be completely accurate with no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or typos.

Presentation and order is important so that we can absorb key points quickly. And even for the most senior individual, a CV should be no longer than two pages. In fact, the fewer pages the better, so you should think carefully about the words and phrases you use.

You should also consider the typeface, colour, headings, capital letters and positioning. We’re not going to be prescriptive about this as, ultimately, it’s down to your personal taste. Just make sure it looks clear and professional, and that we'll be able to view and read it on a variety of software platforms.

Yes, you can. If you go to our Job Search & Apply page, you can register your profile, upload your CV and tell us what kind of jobs you’re interested in. You can also sign up for email alerts so you know when the right position comes along.

We’ll be searching our talent bank whenever a vacancy comes up as well. So if we feel your experience matches what we’re looking for, we’ll give you a call.

Unfortunately, our system does not allow candidates to upload showreels. But if you can provide a web link to your reel or site, we’d love to see it. Alternatively, when the Resourcing team review your CV or application, they may ask you to send it through direct to them.

Yes, but please make sure that only apply for positions that you have the experience and skills to do – and do well!

Yes, you can save and exit at any time. However, as our opportunities only open for applications for a short time, we would recommend doing it in one go and not leaving it until the closing date.

We usually find these types of issues are related to running an older version of web browsers. For optimum performance on our site, we recommend that you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 upwards or Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 upwards.

You can check the version of your web browser by clicking on “Help” from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and then clicking on the “About” option. The version is displayed in the popup window.

If you're running an older unsupported web browser version, you can download later supported versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox from the links below:

Get Internet Explorer



Get Mozilla Firefox


If you're still experiencing issues, sending us a "screenshot" would make it easier to look into it for you. You can take a screenshot of any error messages on a PC by holding down the Ctrl + Print Screen keys simultaneously on your keyboard and then pasting this into the body of an email. If you're on a Mac, you can hit Shift-Cmd-4 to capture the message into an image file that you can attach to an email. Then, just email this to us at talkingcareers@itv.com.

There is no obligation at all for you to tell us. However, we want all of our colleagues and candidates to be the best that they can be, so sharing with us that you have a disability or health condition could enable us to ensure you have the right tools and working environment to perform your best. For that reason we encourage you to do so. For us, it is all about focusing on what you can do and we harness your talents.

Companies who are Disability Confident (like us!) have:

  • Made a commitment to good practice in employing people with disabilities
  • Already done lots of work to ensure that colleagues and applicants with disabilities are welcomed and valued
  • Made a commitment to ensuring accessibility is continuously improved

Of course - we’ll let you know when we receive your application.

If you make it through to the interview stage, we’ll contact you personally. And if you’re not quite right for a position, we’ll also send you an email to let you know you didn't make it through to our interview stage this time.

It varies depending on the volume of applications and the role. Please be patient with us - we'll definitely be in touch with you to let you know whether you have been successful or not.

Please make sure you read your confirmation email carefully especially around bringing your proof to Right to work: “Please bring your passport or alternative documentation confirming your right to work in the UK to your interview.

We are required to see this before an offer of employment can be made. For further information on what we accept visit: https://www.gov.uk/legal-right-work-uk

We understand that coming for an interview can be a little stressful, so here are a few things you can do to settle your nerves:

  • Make sure you write short examples to highlight your skills and strengths and match them against the role you’re applying for.
  • Plan your route to our office well in advance – you’ll find our address on your confirmation email.
  • Finally, give us a call! We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and help you prepare so you can do your best on the day.

Of course – just let us know in advance. We can even help you find one if necessary.

You are welcome to bring your carer. Just let us know in advance.

Yes - Access to Work is a government scheme that’s available to colleagues and candidates who have a disability or long-term physical or mental health condition. For more information on the practical and financial support that’s available, please visit https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work

The main benefit is that you can gain assistance with support or adaptations beyond adjustments. Access to work also provide a mental health support service which is free and confidential, and you can read more on their website at: https://www.remploy.co.uk/employers/mental-health-and-wellbeing/workplace-mental-health-support-service-employers

Please let us know if you require any reasonable adjustments, additional support or have any accessibility needs and where possible we’ll do our best to meet them. You can email us direct at talkingcareers@itv.com with your contact details and we’ll be in touch. All requests will be dealt with in confidence.

It depends where you were in the process. We’re able to give feedback after interviews, but not after the CV screening stage – the high number of applications we receive means that, unfortunately, we just can’t get back to everyone.


Generally, applications for apprenticeships open in Spring for an October start. You won't be able to apply for an apprenticeship before Spring.

If you have completed your Foundation Degree to a level 4 or above, then unfortunately you will not be eligible to apply for an Apprenticeship. However, if you do not complete the full qualification then you will still be able to apply for an Apprenticeship. 

This is assessed on a case by case basis. If you quit within of after your first year at university, you will still be eligible to apply for an Apprenticeship. However, if you have started to achieve points towards your degree in the second or third year, you are unfortunately not eligible to apply for an Apprenticeship. 

Yes, definitely! We offer lots of different types of work experience – just check out our early career page to find out more.

ITV Insight

Our ITV Insight programme opens 3 times a year - January, April, and October.

For starters, you’ll have membership of the ITV Insight Pool. That means priority access to any Insight placements that become available across the business. These can be up to two weeks and pop up at any time.

You shouldn’t automatically expect to be offered a placement though. Insight placements will become available according to business availability and that depends on a number of factors (things like shooting schedules, how busy we are and the area of the business you want to experience).

You’ll be invited to join the ITV Insight LinkedIn group, a members-only community where you can hear about ITV opportunities and read about other members’ experiences with us. Once you’re on a placement you’ll enjoy the chance to get involved as well as shadowing, so you’ll really get to grips with what a role here entails.

You’ll meet and learn from people who really know their stuff, build up a network of contacts and experience the inner workings of the TV industry. So you’ll be on a firm footing when it comes to making informed decisions about your career.

News Traineeship

We select the best candidates at our assessment centres and then allocate a ‘home base’ in one of the following news centres:

ITV Anglia (Norwich), ITV Central (Birmingham), ITV Granada (Manchester), ITV Meridian (Whiteley), ITV Tyne Tees & Border (Gateshead), ITV Wales (Cardiff), ITV West & West Country (Bristol), ITV Yorkshire (Leeds), ITV Channel (Jersey).

At the assessment centres, shortlisted candidates may express a preference but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they will be allocated with the region of their choice. For ITV Channel we are specifically looking for someone from the Channel Islands who has permission to reside and work in that area.

You do not necessarily need a journalism degree to apply for the scheme, but we are looking for people who can demonstrate an understanding of television news – particularly ITV regional news – its audience and the stories that reflect the communities it serves.

For agencies

Here at ITV we have our own direct sourcing team. So, for permanent and fixed-term vacancies we use a variety of sources to find suitable candidates ourselves and rarely have the need to work with an agency.

On the very rare occasion that we do need to work with an agency, we work with people who have a strong track record of success with ITV. At the moment we’re not looking to make any changes to that list.

Please note, we’re unable accept speculative CVs and if you do send in CVs we won’t acknowledge your ownership of the candidate. This includes if you send them through to an ITV employee.