Recruitment Process

ITV loves helping people land their dream job

Found your dream job here at ITV? Ready to apply? This guide to our application process will give you a good idea of what to expect throughout our recruitment process.

And it should mean there’ll be no surprises – well, no nasty ones at least.

The first step will be your application, and we'll ask you to do this by clicking the 'Apply now' button you'll see next to that job you're after.

There will also be some screening questions as part of the application process - but don't worry, these have been designed to give us a better idea of whether you have the key criteria  for the role - and that the role is right for you.

If you’re successful at application stage, our typical process will be to get in touch to invite you to a first interview with a couple of colleagues and will normally last between 45 and 60 minutes. So that we can get to know all about your skills, knowledge and experience we will use a mix of Strengths, Technical & Scenario questions - and of course we want to hear why you think you'd be brilliant in this role.  

If that goes well, we'll invite you to a second interview, again typically with two ITV colleagues. At this stage, we'll  get an even better picture of your experience by asking you questions around The ITV Way - Commercial, Creative, Collaborative & Global - so make sure you brush up on it here!

For some roles, we might also ask you to take part in a job-specific exercise or task, either before you visit us for your interview or on the actual day. We'll make sure we let you know in good time what that will involve so you can be fully prepared and ready - but as a quick heads up, it could be something like a presentation,  a case study or some other practical exercise.

Finally, if you're successful at your second interview, there's a good chance we'll be in touch afterwards to offer you the job. But either way, we promise we'll keep you informed at every step of the journey, and you can always log on to our application tracking system to check the status of your application whenever you like.

You can find out more information about the application process by reading through our FAQs

Good luck - we can't wait to meet you! 

Example Questions below:

Scenario: Two high profile projects have come in to your team, both equal size and urgency, you need to decide which one to prioritise, how do you go about making that decision?

Strength: Tell us about a time you were at your absolute best….

The ITV Way Question: Tell us about a time you had to adapt your style when working with others?