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Find your flex with Flexible Working

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At ITV, we want to be the most flexible employer in media, which is why we’ve introduced Flexible Working.

Flexible Working mean different things for different people and different teams, but what it brings to everyone is a way to work well and be your best, whoever you are and whatever your business area.

The ITV Way has shown us that we must evolve our culture so that we’re more flexible and inclusive, so that we can work collaboratively and focus on innovating, and that we can have honest conversations and deliver on our More than TV strategy.

And this is where Smart working comes in. It covers your locations, your time, your weeks, and your hours. Here’s how it works:

Smart location

Smart locations are the places where you know you can be at your most innovative and creative so you get things done. You’ll need to have access to everything you need to do your job at your Smart location.

Smart time

Smart time is all about working the same amount of time - but shifting when you start and/or finish. For example, if you’re contracted 9am - 5.30pm, then moving to 10am - 6.30pm could make a big difference to your day.

Smart weeks

Smart weeks are about reducing the number of days you work in a week, fortnight or month, which means reducing the number of contractual (paid) hours you work.

Smart hours

And finally, Smart hours are about prorating your hours which means reducing the number of contractual (paid) hours you work. So, instead of working 9.30am - 6pm you could work 10am - 4.30pm for example.

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