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We put our people first

Putting people first is what we do best, and the ITV Way is our guide to doing just that - from embracing every difference to making things happen, to inspiring creativity from everyone, to making sure everyone is safe, healthy and well.

So, when you join us you’ll discover a range of dedicated programmes and initiatives to help you eat better, move more and look after your mental health. Here’s just a taste of what we offer:

ITV Feel Good 

ITV Feel Good puts you in touch with support, events and a range of special offers that can help you live a balanced and healthy working life - and everything in the programme relates to one of four pillars: healthy body, healthy mind, be active and keep learning.

For example, our Healthy Mind and Healthy Body resources are perfect for helping you maintain good mental and physical health, and can really help when you’re not feeling your best. And you can also make the most of completely free and independent support 24/7 via our Employee Assistance Programme, too.

ITV Healthy Body

We understand that we can't always be our best all of the time. And if you're struggling at work, you’ll find a range of support services for your physical health and designed individually for you that can help you feel brilliant again and really bounce back.

ITV Healthy Mind

Our mental health is just like our physical health; everybody has it and we need to take care of it. It’s normal to switch between doing well and feeling good, and finding things hard - and everyone feels unwell at some point with many of us needing to take time off work, too.

We’re committed to helping everyone understand more about their own mental health, and how to give help and support colleagues when they’re finding things hard, and our Mental Health Advisory Group is often the first point of contact.

Our Mental Health Advisory Group

Our Mental Health Advisory Group is intended to be a constructive and critical friend to ITV, and provides us with helpful external advice on our approach to mental health and wellbeing for our people, participants and viewers.

The Group builds on the great stuff we already have in place and works to develop a strategic vision and ambition.

Our Wellbeing Policies

Here are some of our wellbeing policies - 

Shared Parental Leave Policy

Sabbatical and Career break Policy

Flexible Working Policy

Maternity Leave Policy

Parental Leave Policy

Home working Policy

Adoption Policy

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