People Development

We’re committed to supporting all of our people in developing their careers – and we want to make sure everyone has the right tools to be the best they can be.

ITV loves helping you be the best you can be

So, from day one, you’ll have access to a wide range of on-the-job and workshop based learning opportunities – whether you join us in our Studios or as a Financial Analyst, or you’re looking for specialised technical training, or you’d simply like additional support in developing your leadership skills.

What’s more, you can decide what works best for you, too – and that could be anything from a secondment to another business area, a mentoring opportunity, a place at one of our Lunch and Learns, or an hour or three at our face to face workshops.

And because we keep tabs on what’s happening in (and out of!) our industry when it comes to learning, we’re always up to date with what’s new – and we’re usually willing to try it. In fact, we work with everyone from neuro scientists to comedy writers to help shape what’s on offer for our colleagues, and we insist on finding topic experts to help make sure that our content is packed with the best, the latest, and the most useful stuff.

We’ll do everything we can to help you develop in your role, but it’s up to you to make the most of the opportunities we offer you. Your career is in your own hands!

Whatever business area you join us in, you’ll discover that we run our own talent pipeline. That means we’re pretty good at spotting internal talent, and we’ve created specific programmes to support the accelerated development of high flying colleagues.

It’s all about understanding who’s doing what – and where they’re doing it. So, we’re able to offer career paths that can take you in virtually any direction, together with exposure to a wide range of business areas.


It’s not just our aim to offer everyone the kind of digital training that suits our digital, tech-driven world – it’s standard practice here at ITV.

Whatever your role, we’ll make sure there’s a range of online courses, reading materials, webinars, programmes and more available to you from your first day onwards, with specific development and training for leaders and managers. And the type of learning content you’ll have access to will change and evolve as you progress, too.

When it comes to the training and development opportunities on offer here at ITV, here’s what you can expect from day one…

  • Induction – beginning with a detailed welcome pack, your first few days and weeks will consist of a local induction programme, a quarterly business-wide induction event where you’ll meet colleagues and hear from a panel of speakers, and an in-depth immersion day where you’ll learn about our entire business.
  • Mentoring – we offer valuable mentoring opportunities in all areas of our organisation and at all levels of business. Backstage opportunities – you’ll have the chance to go ‘behind the scenes’ in many of our business areas to discover exactly how they work.
  • Workshops – take part in a range of sessions designed to help you excel in your career, and which cover presentation skills, building relationships, negotiation, influencing, and much more.
  • MyAcademy online portal – make the most of our online resource of over 2000 articles, eLearning topics, infographics and videos, covering everything from communication skills to health and wellbeing, and all accessible from any device, and from wherever you are.
  • Lunch and learns – join our informal lunchtime sessions and get your teeth into a new skill while you eat and hear about the different areas of the business. Inside weeks - deep dive into every area of our business, with quarterly presentations from all kinds of teams offering valuable insight into what they do.
  • Stay healthy – from mindful working workshops and resilience workshops to mental health workshops, we can give you the tools you (and your mind) need to thrive. ‘Talking Performance’ – performance is incredibly important to us, which is why we’ve swapped annual appraisals for achievable goals and regular ongoing conversations about your performance and development that can take place whenever they’re needed.
  • Management Development - We offer training for managers and leaders no matter your level of experience. Whether it’s how to lead a high performing team, how to unlock innovation in your team, or deal with a sticky situation, we have something for everyone. The best thing is that that the training and tools are available to you as webinars, masterclasses and online tools that you can access anywhere, anytime.

In addition to structured training and development, you’ll also discover a genuine commitment to networking and to building relationships here at ITV. And they’re a brilliant way to get involved in promoting diversity and equality, while meeting new colleagues and stepping up your own personal development, too.

Right now, we have 4 networks, with more in development:

  • ITV pride
  • ITV embrace (BAME)
  • ITV women’s network
  • ITV balance (working families and carers group)

All of our networks are open to everyone, and they’re often the inspiration for larger networking events and development programmes/workshops. You can read more about them here.