Rach-ing for the stars


Rachel Fofie joined us as a Trainee Researcher for ITV Studios. “I  started as a Trainee Researcher for ITV Studios and I was given a lot of hands-on experience, which I loved. It led to me getting credited as Junior Researcher at both Shiver and Potato - amazing labels to have my first experience of the industry in.”

Was the internship valuable? “Incredibly,” Rachel says. “After I graduated, I did lots of unpaid work to get as much experience as possible. For so many people, it’s about being given the opportunity to prove you can do the job. I’m now a Programme Assistant on Good Morning Britain and Lorraine.”

It’s important for us to hire great talent from diverse backgrounds, and Creative Access helps us do just this. Creative Access is a company that looks for talented young people from underrepresented black, asian and non-white minority ethnic backgrounds, for paid internship opportunities at many of the UK’s top media organisations.

“The scheme helps give people from different walks of life a way into the industry,” Rachel says. “It’s then up to the individual to work hard and prove themselves. It’s great for ITV to have a mix of talent with different views, who bring fresh ideas to the table.”

Mohini Gupta, HR Manager ITV Studios said, “We work closely with Creative Access. We’ve had 14 trainees placed across ITV Studios’ labels, including Shiver, Potato, 12 Yard, Entertainment, Drama and more in ITV News. The trainees are bright, bursting with enthusiasm and just 'get it'. Rachel is a great example of the scheme”.

Michelle Matherson, Talent Executive, Shiver, started mentoring Rachel while she was on the traineeship, “I helped Rachel focus on what she wanted to achieve at ITV, helped her challenge herself, and fill in any gaps in her knowledge about the business. It’s great she’s now landed a permanent role with us.”

Creative Access has been a social partner with ITV Responsibility since 2012.