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ITV News Traineeship: What's it really like?

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Ever thought about a career in News Journalism?

We've got you covered with our News Traineeship open for applications.

But don't take our word for it... hear from some of the great colleagues that have taken part in the scheme.

Charanpreet - Trainee 2018-19

I started my journalism career with the traineeship in 2018 at Granada. Six months after finishing, I got a job as a trainee On-Screen Journalist at ITV Wales - and now I'm a fully fledged reporter, covering the whole nation. I would never have progressed so quickly without the traineeship - over the nine months, I learnt how to write for television, how to use a camera to film a report, and how to build a confident on-screen style. 

Now I'm at the heart of a busy newsroom, reporting on different issues in different parts of the country every single day. Over the past year, that's meant adapting to a totally new world of work during the pandemic - and it's been a privilege to work throughout this global crisis, giving people in Wales the updates they need. In particular, I led the way in my newsroom's coverage of the disproportionate impact of the disease on communities of colour. More recently, I've been trying my hand at some presenting, gearing up to the Welsh Senedd elections, and even doing my first lives for National news. It's been an exciting few years - and it all started with the traineeship.

Emma - Trainee 2019-20

My passion for News stemmed from a less traditional background - I joined the ITV News traineeship after a career in theatre and documentaries, having not gone to University. I was passionate about people and storytelling, and the traineeship gave me the essential skills to translate that passion into creating high quality, trusted content for ITV News West Country. I was given hands-on experience in my own newsroom - being encouraged to fly solo on producing shifts early on - whilst also spending time in other newsrooms to see the differences and similarities. Most importantly, we had the opportunity to meet and work with some incredible people in the industry who I still stay in touch with. I had the opportunity to report on a story very close to my heart - endometriosis - which I later did a follow up piece on as a lead story for our programme. I'm now helping to plan and produce our coverage for the G7 Summit which I already know will be a huge career highlight. The Traineeship has brought invaluable experience and opportunity - and it's been one of the best experiences of my whole career. 

Michael - Trainee 2010

I joined ITV as the ITV Anglia trainee in 2010 and instantly felt part of the team. The training was fantastic and it felt like a real privilege to be learning from some of the best in the industry. After a few months, when you're ready, you're right in the heart of the action. There's nothing like contributing to a buzzing newsroom. In 2011, I got a reporting job at ITV Central. During my time on screen I was lucky enough to travel around the world and report from Australia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand amongst others. I was ITV's Olympics Correspondent for the Games in Rio in 2016 and led ITV Central's coverage of the Leicester City helicopter crash in 2018. Last year, I stepped back from life on the road to take up the role of Content Hub Editor. I now look after a team of reporters, based across the country, who create news features for ITV News programmes across the network. The ITV News trainee scheme is a fantastic place to start a career in television news. Applying is the best career decision I have ever made.

Lucille - Trainee 2021

Being on the ITV Trainee scheme 2021 has been extremely exciting and rewarding.

Coming from a print background, my colleagues at Granada have really supported my learning and understanding of the role of a production journalist in the world of broadcast.

Moreover, the training that is provided to trainees has been both in-depth and interesting.

Joining the team during the pandemic has been different because there is only a limited number of staff in the newsroom and our trainee sessions - including bulletin writing and digital training - have been done remotely. Even though it is not the ideal situation they have made it as interactive as they possibly can and my other trainees and I have still managed to become close to one another through our screens. 

At Granada, I have been able to pitch my own stories and have been given the freedom and responsibility of creating packages for the programme. I made my debut on Granada Reports with a piece I did on Houseplants. I also managed to turnaround a report for the 6pm programme in a day which was both intense and fast-paced, but I enjoyed the rush of experience.

As restrictions have begun to lift I have managed to get out and about in the North West. I went out vox popping for the Mayoral Debates in our region and helped out with a live report about the Super League at the Etihad Stadium. 

I have been putting my training to the test as I have begun producing the GMB bulletins. What is so great about the job is that no day is the same as the next and the traineeship allows you to explore different roles. 

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